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Roy, a retired cop and certified radar instructor, has never found any passive radar jammers that work.   READ HIS REVIEWS

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Radar - Laser Expert
Radar Roy "Go to Guy" in Speed Counter Measurement Industry

Roy has been interviewed by National TV news networks/magazines such as IPN, Fox, CNBC and the Speed Channel and is recognized as an expert in this industry.   Many of these video are located here.

Radar Roy also offers a FREE radar detector and jammer BUYERS Guide reviewing all radar detector and jamming devices. More Info Here

KYTV News Investigation: Police Give F to Jammer!

KY-3 TV News in Springfield MO, aired an investigative report on the Rocky Mountain Radar C-430 radar jammer.

The Greene Sheriff's Department gave the scrambler an "F" for failing to jam their radar gun in twelve passes.

Radar Roy was also interviewed for this report.    READ NOW

"If they are going to speed, I would recommend that they save their money for court costs rather then buy these detectors."
RMR C430
UPN News 9 Investigation: Police Bust RMR Scrambler!

UPN News Channel 9 (WWOR) in New York City, aired an investigative report on the Rocky Mountain Radar Phazer II.

The Hackensack Police Department "Busted" the Phazer's claim of jamming. "This product will not save you from a traffic citation".

Radar Roy was also interviewed for this report.    READ NOW

"This gives ... a false sense of security that they can speed in their vehicle and not be detected by police, not very safe at all." - Police Lt. Robert Wright
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Radar Jammers have been featured on news shows and documentaries showing them failing in tests.

All the experts agreed ""    READ NOW

Radar Roy and Speed Labs tests

The newest is tested!

Did it pass ... or, did it end up jamming the police radar gun signal?   SEE THE RESULTS


Considering the puchase of a radar detector or jammer, Roy's Buyers Guide is a must!

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A customer's seven mistakes regarding a radar jammer.
Outrageous claims are business as usual for the makers of .

ALERT: Radar Roy leads crusade to stop misleading claims.

NEW:Best Buy stores STILL selling illegal radar detectors - jammers manufactured by Rocky Mountain Radar and Radar Roy starts boycott!

NEW: The El Paso Better Business Bureau has issued an unsatisfactory record status on Rocky Mountain Radar for having over 21 complaints in the last 36 months!

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Retired Cop Tells It Like It Is

An expert with over 40 years in the , Radar Roy tells it like it is!

Roy has been featured on nationally known TV and radio news shows, including FOX NEWS and MSNBC.    INFO PAGE