Experts Say Rocky Mountain Radar Jammers/Scramblers Don’t Work

If you show me a Rocky Mountain Radar Jammer/Scramber that works, I’ll pay you $50,000! – Radar Roy Amateur tube

Here is What the Other Experts Say About Rocky Mountain Radar Jammers/Scramblers.

Mature tube ABC 20/20 – “The Rocky Mountain Radar device was a total failure.

Tube Porn American Journal – “On a scale from 1 to 10 the RMR device scored 0, it was totally ineffective First Orgazm Porn CBS Good Morning – “Don’t waste your money on a Phazer

Visor Porn Tube Extra TV– “Skip this product, it has no effect in jamming police radar

Mature Amateur Porn KING-TV – “Anyone that buys this product got shafted. VisorPorn KTYT-TV – “if you are going to speed you might as well save your money for court costs and fines this doesn’t work. Mbigg Tube KWWL-TV – “The Rocky Mountain Radar jammer does not work. First Orgazm WWOR-TVThe Rocky Mountain Radar jammer was busted by the cops radar.

Mature tube National Highway Safety Status Report –  “The RMR is just as effective as you putting a block of wood on your dash.”