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"... if you are going to speed you might as well save your money for court costs and fines."

Air Date: November, 21 2005
Summary: KYTV Investigative Report, Radar Jammers
Correspondent: Ethan Forhetz
Device Tested: RCR C-430

Police CarEthan Forhetz:
Not much can ruin a drivers day more then the sight of flashing lights in the rear view mirror and the officer approaching your car to ask

Do you know why I stopped you mam?

Ethan Forhetz:
So many people are trying to beat police at their own high tech game by buying radar detectors that also jam police radar.

I think the mind set is deadly, quite frankly

Ethan Forhetz:
Police say that the need for speed isn't worth the potential for deadly consequences.

How many years that speed kills. Well folks, it actually does. And these jammers that claim to be radar jammers and radar detectors are not saving lives.

reporterEthan Forhetz:
Still there are many among us with a lead foot and for them there is no shortage of radar options on the Internet. Many claiming to make you virtually invisible to police radar.

So we decided to buy one, we paid $230.00 online for this Rocky Mountain Radar device. Its a radar and laser detector and scrambler. But does it work? Well, there is only one way to find out. Lets go.

We installed the device in a KY-3 News vehicle, drove to a remote county road and enlisted the help of the Greene County Sheriff's Department, armed with a standard trusty radar gun. To put our scrambler to the test.

He we go... And we are registering a two and now a three warning as we get within a quarter of a mile from the police radar.

Here comes Ethan. Thirty Nine miles per hour, then 40, he maintains 40 mph.

Ethan Forhetz:
So, did my new radar jammer work?

NO! It didn't work

Ethan Forhetz:
Ok, lets try it again..

It is letting us know that the radar is there. I see the officer, we are within a 100 yards, at this point at 40 mph

Ok, at this point he is at 40 mph and if he got this on it doesn't seem to be working for him

Ethan Forhetz:
So I wasn't invisible?

The only time you were invisible was when you were behind the hill.

Ethan Forhetz:
In all, we tested the Rocky Mountain Radar Jammer twelve times. It didn't scramble the police radar once.

Deputy Lintz final grade, a final F

I'd say if they were going to speed, to save the money for their court costs and fines rather then buy this radar, because it isn't going to make much difference, they are going to be out twice the money.

Radar RoyRadar Roy:
This is Radar Roy and we are out in El Paso testing the Rocky Mountain Radar jammer...

Ethan Forhetz:
Former cop Roy Reyer tried to warn us. Radar Roy spent 20 years as a traffic radar instructor in Maricopa County Arizona.

He now has a website, Debunking Myths about jamming radar and offers a $5000.00 reward to anyone that can prove that one of these works.

Radar Roy:
You maybe able to show on paper that it works, but in actual applications it is impossible to do.

Ethan Forhetz:
Meaning, even though you have one of these, this could happen to you.

I checked your speed at 77 at 60 miles per hour.

People try to get all around doing the speed limit and by doing that very thing would solve allot of problems.

Ethan Forhetz:
For Ozarks Today, I am Ethan Forhetz


Passive Jammers don't work... if you can prove that yours does ... Radar Roy will give you $5,000! RADAR ROY   "RADAR ROY" REYER IS A RETIRED COP
  Passive Jammers don't work... if you can prove that yours does ... Radar Roy will give you $5,000!
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