KING-TV tests the Rocky Mountain Radar Jammer

Mature tube “… anyone who buys … just got shafted…”
Mature Amateur tube Air Date: November, 1996 Amateur tube Summary: King-TV (Seattle) – News Report
Mature Amateur Tube Correspondent: Allen Schauffle Amateur Porn Scene 1

Michael Churchman goes the distance defending his radar jamming equipment, but electronics experts say that all they will do is jam your wallet.

Scene 2

Allen Schauffler buys a Rocky Mountain Phazer for $230.00 and the Piece County Sheriff’s Office provided the radar. The “net effect, no effect”.

Next the laser, same effect, no effect.

Scene 3

king-ss1Deputy Gene Allen repeatedly locks onto the car with the jammer and stating “I am able to pick up the car with the jammer just the same as the car without a jammer” Net effect, no effect.

Scene 4

Radar Tech Tim Lenk examines the unit and says “anyone that buys this unit just got shafted”.

Scene 5

Consultant Craig Petterson tests another Rocky Mountain Radar product against four different radar units. “The technology just isn’t there, you need a major revision of the laws of physics to get something like this to work.”

Scene 6

Rocky Mountain Radar’s Michael Churchman stakes his reputation against his product “I’ve been investigated by everyone and I am still here”.

Scene 7
Craig Petterson “I’ve tested everything they made and nothing works, at least they are consistent”.

Scene 8

A source with the Colorado Attorney General’s Office stated that they got a lot of complaints against Rocky Mountain Radar while they were based there, but they didn’t have the time or resources to go after them.