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It's A Felony!
Most Jammers Fail
Types of Jammers

Passive Radar Jammers


Ninety percent of the jammers advertised today, are passive jamming devices.

These type of jammers are advertised as having the ability to reflect the radar and/or laser signal back to the police gun, with an added FM "chirp".

The problem with this concept, is that you would need a reflector the size of a house, to have any effect on police enforcement guns, while driving your car.

Radar Jammer Manufactures
Claim their jammers disable X, K, Ka and laser bands, causing the police radar and laser guns to remain blank.

These products allegedly reflect a modified signal to confuse police radar gun computer, this according to promotional material in printed pieces and web sites!

When the passive device is within 18 inches of a police radar gun, the device will cause sporadic readings. However to have any effect on a police officer's radar gun, you would have to be driving on the hood of his car (then you would have other problems).

Don't be fooled!
Most consumers buy off on these outrageous lies and have no way to confirm the validity of their claims.

Radar Roy to the rescue!
Radar Roy, a retired police officer and a certified traffic radar instructor has taken Radar Jammer companies to task and has challenged them to back up their claims.

To date, NO PASSIVE radar/laser jammer that Radar Roy has ever tested has had ANY effect at all in jamming police radar/laser guns, at any normal distance that you would be away from the officer, when they are using their traffic enforcement equipment.

Radar Roy's Bottom Line
A report in the January issue of The Insurance Institute Highway Safety magazine says it best:

"...in the medical world they are called a placebo, among
speeders, the equivalent is a radar jammer..."

These jammers are as effective as having a block of wood on your dash. They just don't work

Radar Roy's tests reveal claims are false!
In a recent test, Radar Roy purchased a radar jammer from a distributors website for $319.95. Their add claimed that this model was the highest rated radar/laser jammer ever made.


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Passive Jammers don't work... if you can prove that yours does ... Radar Roy will give you $5,000! GET $50,000!   PROVE YOUR PASSIVE JAMMER WORKS,
  Passive Jammers don't work... if you can prove that yours does ... Radar Roy will give you $5,000!
Radar Roy's Buyers Guide