eBay Bans Sale of Radar Jammers!

While doing research for the RadarJammer.com website, Radar Roy identified eBay as the largest Internet distributor of radar jammers.

ebay bans RMREven though they don’t sell directly to their customers, they were allowing over 300 radar jamming devices to listed through auctions and eBay was also bidding on the key word “radar jammers”.

On May 10, 2005 Radar Roy wrote a letter to the eBay Corporate Council, attaching documentation from the FCC regarding the legality of these products.

Since receipt of this letter, eBay has instituted a policy that prohibits products that claim to “jam” or otherwise interfere with police radar devices.

On June 15th, 2004 Radar Roy went to eBay’s website to check on their enforcement of their new policy. Roy found over two pages of radar jamming products still being sold clearly as radar jammers and/or scramblers.

Radar Roy followed up with a second letter to eBay, praising them for their new policy, however chastising them for being so lax in its enforcement.

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