Launch of

Radar Detector, a new online message board launched in January of 2005, and within weeks over 200 subscribers signed up and post over 4000 messages relating the radar detector industry.

Radar Roy developed the message board to allow consumers and the speed counter measure industry to discuss topics such as radar detector testing and reviews, radar detector detectors, laser jammers, and of course radar jammers.

Membership is open to everyone with just a few basic rules, no postings of advertisements of other radar/laser detector products from outside vendors.

Some of the manufactures that regularly check in are Blinder USA and Veil.

One of the most popular postings is from “The Veil Guy” in his review of the Valentine 1, the Escort 8500 and the Beltronics RX65. Bob traveled over 2000 miles across the southwest, comparing these three top selling radar detectors.

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