Rocky Mountain Radar Commercial!

Sooner or later you will hear Rocky Mountain Radar’s Commercial playing on your car radio, it goes something like this:

“Make your car invisible to all types of speed detection equipment, including radar and laser, with The Phantom. The Phantom even guarantees if you get a ticket the manufacturer will pay your fine. The Phantom is a 100 percent guaranteed or your speeding ticket is paid. So, don’t wait call 800-711-9397, that’s 800-711-9397. Call 800-711-9397 NOW! Not available in California, Minnesota, Nebraska, Virginia, Oklahoma, Utah or Washington D.C. Certain restrictions apply to guarantee. Call for details.”

This commercial maybe illegal!

RMR Radio CommercialIn the matter of FCC’s Memorandum and Order, dated December 4, 1997 (FCC-97-404) They found that the products sold by Rocky Mountain Radar violated the Communication Act of 1934, 47 U.S.C SS 154.

Now with this advertisement being played on radio stations, whom are also governed by the FCC, by playing this commercial and promoting these illegal products, may be in fact another violation.

Carl Fors of Speed Measurement Laboratories has been in contact with David Solomon, the Chief Enforcement Officer at the FCC and has requested follow-up regarding this matter from his agency.

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