Rocky Mountain Radar honors Radar Roy!

 Rocky Mountain Radar honors Radar Roy by making his test video the subject of the FAQ of the Month. RMR also referenced this item on their home page.

At the January 2005 Speed Measurement Laboratories testing grounds in El Paso, Radar Roy and SML Owner Carl Fors created an online test video of the new RMR C450 radar and laser jammer.

Shortly after this video appeared on Radar Roy’s web sites, Roy began getting telephone calls from customers saying that when they called RMR to inquire about the video, that the staff told them that Roy “doctored” the video up. This was the catalyst for Radar Roy to call Rocky Mountain Radar himself, posing as a customer.

Radar Roy thanks Rocky Mountain Radar for acknowledging his hard work.

Roy extends his personal invitation to RMR to be present during his next test of one of their products. “I’ll give them $50,000 and post the results on my web site if they take the Radar Roy Challenge and pass,” Radar Roy said.

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